Pink Chai Cream Cake Recipe

There's something about Pink Chai that I can't get enough of-- it inspires a world of ideas within me and this is one of my latest addiction

Rasmalai Cake recipe

Rasmalai is a traditional dessert shared across many cultures, including Afghanistan. It's a baked ricotta cheese, served in a sweetened cre

White Chocolate Cheesecake Hearts

I absolutely love a dish that's easy to make but looks so much more elaborate than the process itself. I won't get in the way of this...

Hot Chocolate Cream Rolls Recipe

Hot Chocolate Cream Rolls! Cream rolls are a classic Afghan dessert/brunch item, a fluffy twisted pastry shell filled with sweet cream...

Dalgona (Whipped) Hot Chocolate Recipe

When the Dalgona coffee (whipped coffee) trend was out, I looked at the cute cups in longing— wanting a fun drink, but my dislike for the...

Simple Ground Beef Recipe

This simple ground beef recipe is one of my household essentials that reduces my cooking time for dinner rapidly. I love to prepare it in...

Aush: Afghan Noodle Soup Recipe

Aush is a classic winter dish in Afghan cuisine. It's a hearty noodle soup cooked with Quroot, an iconic Afghan winter meals ingredient.

Afghan Chicken Potpie Loaf

Recently my husband and I joined my in laws for a winter holidays dinner. As my husband works in the hospital, we quarantine from my in...

Pumpkin Spiced Cream Rolls Recipe

Presenting Pumpkin Spiced Cream Rolls! Cream rolls are a classic Afghan baked good, enjoyed as a brunch item, dessert, or just because....

Chicken Shawarma Recipe (InstantPot)

From Dearborn to D.C., my quest for the perfect shawarma is a deep passion rooted in Americana. This InstantPot recipe for Chicken Shawarma

Afghan Chai S'mores Recipe

I had to pay homage to an American classic (of course with my Afghan fusion twist). Thus came about the Chai S'more-- a delectable pink mars

Afghan Garlic Turmeric Fusion Fries Recipe

I sought to create an Afghan American fusion dish, one that captured the crispy exterior of pakaura without the batter. Frying garlic in...

Sheer Birinj Recipe: Afghan rice pudding

Sheer birinj is a classic Afghan comfort food, the sweetness and fragrant aroma of the milk coated soft grains fill you with warmth and sati

Date Truffles & Stuffed Dates Recipe

I've shared with you here my favorite way to elevate dates, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. I love the balance of how the cream