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Whipped Pink Chai (Afghan Sheer Chai) Recipe (Dalgona Pink Tea)


What is Pink Tea? It is an amazingly delicious tea brewed from a unique tea leaf that comes from Afghanistan, creating a gorgeous pink hue that tastes similar to a clean English breakfast tea. It is one of my personal favorite drinks of all time, and of course I love to create so many fusion dishes with this iconic Afghan drink (called Sheer Chai in Dari/Farsi).

With the upcoming Afghan New Years, Nawroz, I had to create something special for this occasion. As Nawroz marks the beginning of spring, it's full of beautiful traditions and foods that symbolize this new season. From the colorful and vibrant hues of the foods and celebrations to the iconic eats, I've created a drink that I hope can be added to your Nawroz table or any other occasion.

Reminiscent of the Dalgona/Whipped Coffee phenomenon that changed the way we looked at coffee, I've recreated this treat into a Whipped Pink Chai! Let me know how you enjoy this recipe in your home.


Whipped Pink Chai Recipe



  1. Brew your pink chai as per my recipe found here

  2. Once you have boiled the tea and it has finished achieving the pink color, sieve out the leaves leaving just the tea concentrate in a large bowl. Allow it to fully cool

  3. Place a large mixing bowl in the refrigerator to cool for 15 minutes

  4. Remove the cold mixing bowl, add your heavy whipping cream, pink chai concentrate, and powdered sugar. Using an electric mixer, whisk well until it becomes firm like a whip cream consistency

  5. Fill a piping bag with your whipped pink chai

  6. Pour your cold milk into a large cup, about 3/4 of the way, then slowly pipe your whipped pink chai on top

  7. Optional: garnish with crushed pistachios and edible rose petals. Noshejaan!

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