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Afghan Chai S'mores Recipe

With Eid just days away, I had to share one of my favorite additions to my menu this year. Given we are celebrating in the peak of summer at the end of July, I had to pay homage to an American classic (of course with my Afghan fusion twist). Thus came about the Chai S'more-- a delectable pink marshmallow, white chocolate, and crushed pistachios smushed between tea biscuits, drizzled with more white chocolate and a heaping of crushed pistachios on top. These elevated Afghan fusion s'mores are such a delight. They carry the essential flavor profile of a s'more merged with core flavors from Afghan cuisine. I recommend serving it with my Afghan Dalgona Sheer Chai (recipe coming soon!).


Afghan Chai S'more Recipe


  • 2 Tea biscuits

  • 1 Pink marshmallow

  • 1/2 tsp Crushed pistachios

  • 10 White chocolate morsels


  1. Lay a tea biscuit on a plate, add marshmallow on top. Add white chocolate morsels on top of marshmallow. Microwave for 30 seconds.

    1. (alternatively, you may roast your marshmallow over a fire, having a tea biscuit with the chocolate morsels and pistachio already prepared to sandwich the marshmallow in between)

  2. Remove from microwave, sprinkle crushed pistachios on top of white chocolate and marshmallow. Add second tea biscuit on top to cover, pressing down to smush

  3. Microwave a few white chocolate morsels in a separate bowl for one minute. Utilizing a flat sided spatula, spoon melted chocolate and drizzle over the tea biscuit sandwich. Cover in more crushed pistachios. Noshejaan!

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