Pink Chai Cream Cake Recipe

There's something about Pink Chai that I can't get enough of-- it inspires a world of ideas within me and this is one of my latest addiction

Rasmalai Cake recipe

Rasmalai is a traditional dessert shared across many cultures, including Afghanistan. It's a baked ricotta cheese, served in a sweetened cre

Hot Chocolate Cream Rolls Recipe

Hot Chocolate Cream Rolls! Cream rolls are a classic Afghan dessert/brunch item, a fluffy twisted pastry shell filled with sweet cream...

Afghan Chicken Potpie Loaf

Recently my husband and I joined my in laws for a winter holidays dinner. As my husband works in the hospital, we quarantine from my in...

Pumpkin Spiced Cream Rolls Recipe

Presenting Pumpkin Spiced Cream Rolls! Cream rolls are a classic Afghan baked good, enjoyed as a brunch item, dessert, or just because....

Eid during Covid-19

Holidays in my multi-culti home are an exciting time, being able to add more tradition, foods, and richness from the traditions of my backgr

Afghan Chai S'mores Recipe

I had to pay homage to an American classic (of course with my Afghan fusion twist). Thus came about the Chai S'more-- a delectable pink mars

Afghan Garlic Turmeric Fusion Fries Recipe

I sought to create an Afghan American fusion dish, one that captured the crispy exterior of pakaura without the batter. Frying garlic in...

Rasmalai Cake Pops

Rasmalai is an Afghan dessert made of core components: creamy texture of ricotta, indulgent whole milk or cream base, cardamom, & rose water

Saffron Aioli Recipe

Creating a fusion of my Afghan and American backgrounds, I've developed an aioli that can add the depth of flavor and richness of saffron on

Sheer Chai Cheesecake Recipe

Afghan Pink Tea 'no bake' Cheesecake Recipe-- quick & easy. This cheesecake combines my love for sheer chai, the classic balance of a smooth

Afghan Pomegranate Roll Cake Recipe

Learn how to make a delicious pomegranate cake, both light and sweet as this sponge cake roll comes to life with a twist.