Aush: Afghan Noodle Soup Recipe

Aush is a classic winter dish in Afghan cuisine. It's a hearty noodle soup cooked with Quroot, an iconic Afghan winter meals ingredient.

Eid during Covid-19

Holidays in my multi-culti home are an exciting time, being able to add more tradition, foods, and richness from the traditions of my backgr

Sheer Birinj Recipe: Afghan rice pudding

Sheer birinj is a classic Afghan comfort food, the sweetness and fragrant aroma of the milk coated soft grains fill you with warmth and sati

Palau Spice Mix Recipe

Perfecting your palau spice mix is a difficult task, and one that requires an understanding of the balance of spices to be able to create a

Qabuli Palau Recipe

Qabuli Palau is arguably the most well known dish in Afghan cuisine. It utilizes the central spices found in many Afghan dishes into one inc

Sheer Chai (Afghan Pink Tea) Recipe

Sheer chai is the name for the classic Afghan pink tea that is made from a particular type of green tea which oxidizes into a pink color.

Afghan Pomegranate Roll Cake Recipe

Learn how to make a delicious pomegranate cake, both light and sweet as this sponge cake roll comes to life with a twist.