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Pull Apart Mexican Pizza Breadsticks Recipe

With the Super Bowl just a little over a week away, I've been whipping up some delicious treats that I know my family and friends will love on game day! The best kind are shareable easy to make snacks that are easy recipes even the most novice of cooks can recreate in their own homes.

As a fan of Taco Bell, when they announced the return of their Mexican Pizza, I was super excited to have a classic menu item back. But then I thought, why not also recreate it at home on game day? What better way to celebrate?

I like to make certain occasions an easy prep day in the kitchen, because I love to watch the game just as much as everyone else. And sometimes, it's nice to have a dish that looks fancy, but takes very little effort to pull together on the day of. This easy Mexican Pizza recipe is the perfect party food idea-- I've shaped it into pull apart breadsticks so everyone can easily grab and break off a slice for themselves. Check out the recipe below, and as always, catch the simple video tutorial on my Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Noshejaan!


Mexican Pizza Breadsticks Recipe



  1. Cook 1lb of ground beef (you can follow my easy recipe here)

  2. Add your taco seasoning to your cooked ground beef. Follow the instructions on the back of the packet to cook the seasoning into your ground beef.

  3. Roll out your pizza crust on to a lightly floured counter top with a rolling pin.

  4. If you desire a football shape similar to the one I have done here, print out the image from the word document at the bottom of this recipe. Cut out the half football shapes, tape them together, and use the paper as a template to cut your dough into an accurate shape. Cut two identical footballs out of your dough using a sharp knife to outline the football around the paper template.

  5. Lay one of your dough football shapes on to a greased parchment paper on a baking pan.

  6. Warm up your refried beans according to the instructions on the can. Using a flat spatula, spread refried beans across the football shaped dough until fully covered (you may have some excess refried beans leftover, set it aside).

  7. Add an even amount of taco seasoned ground beef over top of the refried beans until fully covering the dough's surface.

  8. Add your shredded cheese across the top of the ground beef, covering evenly

  9. Now place your second football shaped dough on top of the cheese, ensuring that it lines up with the shape of the dough below it. Press down around the edges to seal the ingredients.

  10. Using a sharp knife, gently cut horizontally across the football shape into even approximately 2 inch sections from top to bottom of the dough all the way to the bottom.

  11. Twist the ends of the dough all in the same direction, twisting up to leave a bit of space in the middle of the football untwisted. Repeat this from left to right across one side. Then turn your football and do the same on the other side.

  12. Bake at 400 degrees F for 17-22 minutes, removing when golden brown.

  13. Serve with a side of salsa or guacamole to dip into. Noshejaan!

football shape
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