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Washington DC Recommendations: what to do, eat, and see!

Having now lived in the Washington DC metropolitan region for a few years, calling this beautiful city home has been an absolute pleasure. I've loved uncovering the delightful restaurants, beautiful sights and sounds that make up our nation's capital and surrounding regions. Here's a quick go to list of some of my favorite spots in the city.

Visiting Washington DC Touring Recommendations

Where to Eat in DC:

  • Sequoia is a waterfront restaurant in Georgetown that has a great Sunday buffet brunch

  • Farmers Fishers Bakers is another great Georgetown waterfront restaurant

  • The Old Town Alexandria area is beautiful and has a bunch of fun waterfront restaurants too

  • Busboys and Poets is a classic DC restaurant

  • Founding Farmers is another iconic classic DC restaurant

  • Zaytinya also an amazing iconic restaurant but has smaller tapas style food

  • I personally love Tatte Bakery & Cafe

  • There’s a bunch of outdoor eating in general in Georgetown and throughout DC— most restaurants have cute outdoor seating

  • Bistro Aracosia and Lapis are Afghan restaurants in the city

  • Some Instagram accounts that give good recommendations:

Where to Explore in DC

  • If you’re with kiddos the air and space museum is a fun one to check out. The one in the city is nice, though the one in Virginia is bigger

  • The National zoo has a panda, it’s a good family outing

  • The African American history museum is the most popular of the Smithsonian museums— definitely get tickets for museums online in advance if you can because in the summer they can run out quickly

  • City center in dc has the bougie upscale shopping. The suburbs in Virginia have the ethnic food spots like Afghan food etc

  • My favorite monument is the Lincoln Memorial— gives you great views of the Washington Monument and the reflection pool. It’s also a really nice one to visit at night after the sun has set

Transportation & Parking in DC

  • Download SpotHero (app) if you’re driving to get good parking deals

  • Public Transportation: You can definitely just Uber or use the metro— Google maps actually gives good directions for it.

    • A lot of the popular destinations are easier to get to via metro. For example, all of the museums and monuments are right outside a metro stop vs parking far away and walking a while

Tips for Travel to DC

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