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Ramadan Modern Home Decor

Ramadan is the holy month in the lunar calendar during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. I'll be sharing more details about this month, the traditions, and meanings behind it, as well as commonly asked questions in my stories all through this month on my Instagram (@imanistan).

To celebrate the month, I decorated our home with some beautiful modern home decor to bring in the celebratory cheer. You can find all of these products on my LikeToKnow.It Page or on my Amazon storefront.

Let's get into the details:

As we don't have a fireplace, finding a space to create a focal point in our home is important to me. This multipurpose media console/bookcase in our family room is in the heart of our home and the perfect spot to add some decor. Direct links to all of the products pictured here are below:

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